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1.Application Architecture

We help entrepreneurs bring their application ideas to market. When you need an MVP to prove your concept, we're here to help.

2.Application Design

If you're stuck with a scale problem, or not sure if your new acquisition pipe will work; we are that "fresh" team to bounce ideas off.

3.Operations Support

We have been in the "how do we scale" meeting too many times to remember. We can help avoid the pitfalls you can't know about.

4.Business Planning

We all know somebody that does that, but maybe our somebody is different from yours. Perspective is the key to a good plan.


Hi, there! We are currently a two person team. We have been as big as 100 and have started, supported, developed or launched over 20 companies and products. We entertain new idea conversations all the time, it's part of what keeps us going. We enjoy sharing our perspective and ideas with new entrepreneurs.

  • Date Of Birth : 01 August, 2001
  • City : Seattle Washington


Soup to Nuts. We've been doing this long enough to have done most of it. We've been at the beginning and the end of the business lifecycle. We've had sucess and failures at each point.

Application Architecture

"Cloud Services"

Business Operations

Application Developement

Business Planning

Political Opinions

Work strategy.


This is where it all starts doesn't it? It's our favorite part. No boundries have been set, no rules. We all just get together and share.


From the application perspective this is how we convice the consumer our ideas are any good. From UI/UX to app performance it needs to be relatable.


This is a tricky one. We work in an iterative fashion so by the time we are all here, the team is pretty familiar. Still this is an important step.


Sometimes it's an MVP and sometimes it's fully fledged product or service. This is why we start, it's also where we find all the things we didn't know.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


We have been working with founders and their teams since 2001. We have directly supported over 20 new companies and business ideas. We have had both successes and failures, and have seen so many aspects of business development and planning. Today we share what we've learned with new founders and help them navigate the path to market.

2009 - PRESENT

Application Design and Development

This is where we spend our time these days. This full stack project is working to motivate people to live healthy active lives. From the beginning we have worked with the founding team to develop a secure, scalable system which delivers cash prizes to healthy individuals.


Business Planning

Not a lot of difference between business planning and founder support. In many cases we are just helping a founder work through the implementation and operation of their business. Since we are technical consultants by nature we often help businesses solve their technical problems, and implement a cohesive IT foundation.


Founder Support

This is most of what we do. We are approached by a founder with an idea and an imminent need. In this case we got to witness and support the early days of a new XML standard called XBRL. This business reporting language and some of the tools we helped develop eventually became part of the framework adopted by Edgar Online.

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